[HELP] - Strange Problem!?

Ok so I have this problem were, when i want to play in my level i select ‘Play in new window’ and it take about 20 minutes to open and when it does open its fine with no errors but when i ‘Play in standalone game’ it launches instantly.
Also after ‘Play in new window’ finally opens when i close and reopen, it opens instantly like it should. I finally narrowed down my problem and it only happens on a specific level!

So what i did was open in standalone game, and i saw this in ‘world outliner’ tab …


It spawns when i launch game and when i close game it stays there in editor. I cant do anything to it or interact with it. I’m pretty sure that’s my problem but i need to find out how to delete it so it doesn’t, spawn?

[Edit] - There’s nothing in my level that spawns something on ‘begin-play’ or in my character code/blueprint

Hi ,

Deleted Actor remaining in World Outliner is a known issue in 4.7 (UE-11866).

That shouldn’t be causing an issue with Play in New Editor Window, though. If you don’t mind, can you open level this happens in, Play in New Editor Window and let it sit until it opens, then Stop and close editor. Then get us most recent log from your project, which you can find in your project folder under \Saved\Logs. Thanks!

Thanks for your response and for offering your help, but as i loaded up editor to follow your instructions my problem was fixed! I remember earlier on i change some file settings etc and changed some code to try and fix my problem and at time it didn’t work but i guess after restart i just did i fix it :slight_smile: i guess ill have to back track and determine what fixed it but like i said, thanks anyway.