[HELP] Stopping a blueprint when entering a triggerbox

Hi guys, i need help ASAP :slight_smile: ty

My problem is when my character (spectator pawn) enters a trigger box. The default camera will change to a set camera fine however when they are in the trigger box i need a blueprint to stop

being specific … when entering the trigger box i need a rotating movement component to stop within a blueprint.

Needs to cast from (Client set HUD when the trigger box has activated)
The trigger box is set within the ‘open level blueprint’

You could make a boolean for this, calling it for example “bEnteredTriggerBox?”, set this to true when entered the trigger box. And before you execute rotation thing, just check the boolean if its false :slight_smile:

See this tutorial video, which explains how to communicate between blueprints and their hierarchy:

Thank you , i’m about to watch the video :slight_smile:
Ill let you know how it goes.

i cant seem to do it :confused:
I’ve watch half of the video btw.