Help, Steam will not Update my Mod.. *Sigh*

Ok, so for Months My system has been updating my mod, fine. Recently I accidentally clicked on the reset Mod Publisher button and had to re-publish the mod using a diff id… It has updated twice since then with no problems. Recently however it has stopped updating the mod to steam. I see some brief message that isn’t on the screen long enough in a console window and then it returns back to the editor and lies when it says Upload Complete. after a lot of poking around I found a post regarding SteamCMD and setting up a batch file to update the mod directly without going through the ark dev kit. When I run it the following message is what I get. I believe the message that pops up on the console in the arkdevkit when I go to upload is that last sentence…
I have re-verified my dev kit and I can see nothing off or different about the .vdf file in the modconfigs directory. I have only changed the Update field on the mod info/upload screen so nothing should have changed… Any help or insight anyone could offer would be much appreciated.

Logging in user ‘Thuggers’ to Steam Public…Logged in OK
Waiting for license info…OK
KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { (current key: ‘��’) in file workshopitem [offset: 29]

… ier1\KeyValues.cpp (2641) : Assertion Failed: Error while parsing text KeyValues for resource workshopitem
ERROR! Failed to parse build config file “D:\ARKDevKit\ModTools\ModConfigs\DSMOD.vdf”.

What does the .vdf say when you open it in notepad or a text editor? I believe that file is required for uploading using SteamCMD and is the same or similiar to the mod.db? I don’t have a copy to open and check. My uneducated guess is that your modID doesn’t match, since you reset it.

This may help:

I did double check the Mod ID and it has also updated twice correctly in the past week, and nothing had been changed except the update details field. I will triple check in case I have gotten things confused.

I Deleted the .vdf files and the entire mod output subdirectory and rebuilt the Mod in the Devkit… it still wont update. I even reset the publisher, it STILL will not publish. I have even tried to re-create the vdf file from scratch and it STILL will not update…What … the … Heck?

Have you changed the thumbnail recently? If it is a size that is too large it won’t upload. Just a shot in the dark.

Nope, Thumbnail is the same one it has been using for the past 8 Months. Its like it just decided it didn’t want to work with that Mod any more. I ran a manual update on an older Mod and that updated to steam fine. I know from dealing with steam support regarding this sort of stuff they are positively useless. I was hoping someone here may have encountered a similar problem and solved it…

Ok, After Resetting the Publisher and deleting my Mod tools directory moving the mod to another directory where it cooked and uploaded ok, I moved it back to the old directory and cooked it and after removing pretty much all the notes about the changes in the patch It finally updated, but of course now its using a different MOD ID than it was before… Sigh however my thanks to another post I found when it said with no prevarication if you get an error parsing your config file its because you have some characters in the file which are not allowed. AND, turns out that was very correct. I couldn’t tell you which characters and where BUt after removing all of the text the mod did finally update… You would think that Steam could be a little more helpful with its error message, perhaps make that code a wee bit more robust and tolerant… just sayin :stuck_out_tongue: My thanks to those that tried to help a crazy fool… and I will now update the Change notes differently instead of trying to put the info into the MOD specs.