[HELP] Steam SubSystem Multiplayer Save Game

Well, my team and I are working on a Zombie Survival using the steam subsystem. We were wondering if anyone had any idea how to save the game data the way that ARK: Survival Evolved does it? Basically using the Steam SubSystem Unique ID’s to save to the Game Save slots and then when the player joins or Host’s a game, they retrieve that data from the save game. Anyone know of any good tutorials or could assist us in the making of this process?

I don’t know the ark System. But if you want’t to save you have only the nodes in blueprint (or c++?) from the engine. You can save every type of data you wan’t and load it back again. If you wan’t to save in a multiplayergame i guess you should fire the function on the Server for the Player.

Currently i work on a multiplayer savesystem too, but i am only on the beginning with some Rudiments. You can use the savior plugin too. Just now i get an idea. What if, if you save the game on serverside for that Player and on clientside. And then if you load a game compare the to savegames…i have to try that. (Kind a anti-cheat System?)