[Help] Snappoints

is there an easy way of getting the xyz snappoint of an object without guessing?

like how a wall connects to a floor atm i have been guessing but would love easier options <3

You can actually edit the blueprints while you are playing in the test map. This will allow you to “fine tune” your snap point settings and see a live update of the changes.

omg i never thought of that feel so stupid >.< cheers dude

on a side note did u have any lucky with the getting if the investigator is owner or not?

i feel a bit stupid right now…
i got my structure within the testmap but changes to my snap points dont seem to have any affect?
am i missing omething?

nvm, works now… no idea why it didnt in the first place

Not to hijack a thread, but since you are talking about structure snappoints, I was wondering if you might know where the animation for the doors lives. I cant find it to save my life.

If you look in “Door_Base_SM” there’s a section called “Structure Door” which leads me to believe the animation is hard coded. You can change the speed, sound, and rotation axis though.