[Help] Sketchup .dae export scaling

Hello UE4 Team and community,

For those who are architects and are frustratingly trying to use Sketchup in their UE4 workflow I’ve run into an issue with scaling between Sketchup and UE4.

My current workflow is modeling my floor plans in Sketchup because of accuracy and ease of use then exporting that model as an .dae file, from there I use Autodesks free FBX converting software to convert my .dea file into an .fbx file then from there I import into UE4.

The issue is that my model I import in is about half the size it should be when compared to a BSP box I use to check scaling (Please see attached image)

I know that Sketchup can export .fbx files from within the program and I can select with export size I’d like which works fine but for a lot of people we use the free version which can only export as .dae files

Can anyone help or suggest a fix to these issue (without suggesting buying the full version of Sketchup)

Thanking all in advice.

Hi guys,

Still looking for a little help from the community or UE4 developers.