[Help] Simplex Noise DevDad

Hello everyone!
Before resorting to the forum, I researched many tutorials on how to use the plugin developed DevDad (Simplex Noise), found nothing.
I have no programming experience, but I love to learn, I try many tutorials and try the best I can.

The Plugin from what I read, it seems to be amazing, but I do not know how to apply, I intend to develop a 2D mobile game with procedual generation of maps, such as Terraria, I know it seems strange someone without any experience trying to do that and even though I can not carry out the project, I have learned a lot.

I ask help to those who understand the plugin and Perlin Noise system to help me in “where to start, how to, where to, where can I find a good content to learn.”

I understand the basis of the Perlin Noise, but I can not apply.
There are many more people like me. I hope this makes more people who understand, can teach these contents, bring videos to YouTube about it, not only on Perlin Noise, about other things as well.

Sorry my bad english, i’m using google translate for this.

4 years later, and still nothing