Help - Setting up Server for Education

Hey folks,
I’m using UE4 for game and level design courses I teach and use the Unreal Tournament editor to introduce the engine and develop quick DM and CTF maps for multiplayer purposes. We’re an art based program (not programmers) and are having a lot of trouble setting up custom servers with custom content. I use to have it working in the class last year (Ut Sever,, checksum, etc) but version control prevents us from using that old server folder. I’ve tried following the Server Setup Wiki, but run in to several issues. Plus, I’d like to avoid using third party download links etc ( seems dead) since we can file share locally and there are privacy issues attached to student work. I’ve tried finding easier to follow step-by-step server setup instructions but hoping there is some more straight forward options. We just need to test our custom maps in the classroom.
Thanks for any advice or assistance that can be provided.