[HELP] Setting up and playing an uncooked Project

I’m trying to set up a basic Frontend for my Project which will allow me to load any level from the Project I am working on and play it before it is cooked.

However, when I run my project file, either from the UE4 Launcher or from a desktop shortcut, the Editor is opened.

In UE3 the difference between loading the editor for a project and loading the project itself was as simple as adding / removing the word ‘Editor’ from the shortcut.

Does anyone know of how to do this in UE4?

[EDIT] I’ve noticed that in the Engine folder that there are files for UE4-Editor, UE4-Game and UE4-Launcher. I’m guessing I need to generate the equivilant of UE4-Game for my project, but since it’s not created automatically alongside the project specific version of UE4-Editor then I don’t know what to do.

use the windows browser and go to you project folder , right click on your project icon and select “launch game”

Thank you. After playing around with Packing I’ve got a couple of mor questions:

  • How do you set which level is first loaded by the game and if / which splash movies play whilst that’s loading for the project? I used to do that in UE3 via the default game .ini
  • I seem to be only able to compile a dev build to 64-bit and a shipping build to 32-bit. Is this normal?

Thanks :slight_smile:

you can set the start map and movies in the project settings (edit)
i think the build settings atm only allow 32bit shipping no idea why

Thank you!