HELP! Setting "Transform Origin Actor" to Sequence

I wanted to create Sequence that can change the starting Transform in runtime

So I used this guide

What I tried while looking at the guide

  1. Make sequence

  2. Drag the sequencer into the world to create an actor

  3. Setting Override Instance Data & Transform Origin Actor

( BP_CinemaBaseLoc is emptyActor in the world location ( 0, 0, 0 ) )

I test this setting and it worked fine!

But What I want is to set these values ​​by dynamically creating a sequencer, not a sequencer that has already been created in world

So that’s my BluePrint

  1. Create Level Sequence Actor and Setting Override Isntance Data & Default Instance Data

    ( in player character’s begin play )
    ( Test Loc Ac = BP_CinemaBaseLoc generated in the world)

  2. Press U to play Sequence

It worked fine except sequence always playing in the same location…
( Of course, the position of the set default instance data continued to change in runtime )

I looked at the docs for Level Sequence Actor and checked if there was anything more to set up

But I didn’t find anything…

Perhaps “default instance data” and the “transform origin actor” are different?

If there is anything I missed, please let me know :sleepy: :sleepy:

I’m wondering the same thing! What is “Default Level Sequence Instance Data Object Reference” ? :joy: :joy:

@Yeo_Myoung please did you find a solution for that ? having the same issue. Thanks

just like this