[Help] Set Value Function?

I feel like I should know this… I decided I wanted to take game development as a serious hobby earlier this week, although I feel like I’ve learned a lot going through the documentations while following tutorials, I’m stuck.

I’m currently following a tutorial made by a user on here, for a shooter game from scratch, and I can’t seem to find the set value function they’re using.



It would be awesome if someone could maybe leave a brief explanation on what exactly this function is, or what it does as well.

Just Pull out the pin of “Slider Mouse Sensitivity”, in this context you will find the “Set Value” method.

I really don’t know what i could explain about this method, because its name explains it all, it just sets the value of your slider.

That’s strange… before when I was trying that, it wasn’t working, but once I got back home and started it up again, it worked… alrighty then! Thank you though :slight_smile: