[Help] Set Impact Point to AttachToActor?


Im trying to get an actor to attach to another actor and stick to that object even if it moves. Like getting the impact point to stick to the location of the actor(refer to blueprint) Any advice?
hmm…basically like a bullet hitting a moving target and sticking to it. Thanks for reading. Appreciate your time and have a good day.

Change the Location Rule to Keep Relative.
You may also make use of the Bone Name and plug it into the Socket Name.
This way the New Actor will move in regards to the Bone it actually hit.

Hey Raildex_ thank you for responding appreciate it! I was thinking if the bullet hit say a door or something and the door moved, I wanted the bullet
to move with the door or whatever else is moving. Not so much a skeletal mesh. The blueprint is for the bullet. Im just trying to get the bullet to stick
to whatever it hits at the impact point. I just dont know how to accomplish that. Thanks Again!

i recently managed to partially do it with an event tick and t interp to. My projectile latches onto and follows wherever the actor npc moves, but it only moves and seeks 1 specific point of the actor, not the impact point.

I managed to get the actors location, but not the impact point, which I am also interested in knowing. If I know how to do that, then my simple method would probably work. I imagine it has something to do with line tracing, but for me, I can’t use that i think, because my projectile is slow moving, rotates, and bounces around.

Thanks for jumping in. Thats kinda interesting. Ill try and play around with it some more and see what I come up with although i’m pretty stumped tbh. I feel like it is something that should be relatively simple,
but just cant seem to make it work. Your situation seems a bit more complicated than mine, but wish you best of luck. If I figure out something ill try to post it, so it can help others. Atm we are still trying to attach
an actor at the impact point to another actor upon collision basically. Thanks