HELP - Screen turns black while testing game

So i’m checking out my map…loving it so far…lots of hard work.

I compile and run it yesterday …all of a sudden when I turn to face the ocean…the screen turns black.

WHY? everything I did up to that happening I deleted…and its still there…

PLEASE help me I am begging for support here. I do not want to start over.

Screens below are as follows
the game in editor…looks purty

the game running in editor. I get a flash of the screen for a second…then it goes black like this shot. I should note that I wasn’t seeing the temperature in the game until this started happening as well.

the world settings

why is the game turning black…when I turn around and face the inner island…it runs fine. please someone help me

Ok crazier **** is happening now…if I try to spawn anywhere not on the beach, i fall thru the world.
what…the hell…happened to my game

UPDATE - ok think I am on to something here…I can look down and look all around the island in game…but when I look up a certain height the screen goes black again.

now…what does that mean LOL…that’s the new question

Yes there is a camera problem. I have that as well. Not sure how to fix it… I can’t continue work on my mod until I figure out the issue. Check my mod Space RP in the workshop and watch the first video.

Adding my complaints to this as well. Same problem here, though only in certain areas. One thing I noticed is that in editor if I hide turn off the ocean post process volume the entire screen goes black the same way. It’s odd but could be related.

When you select the ocean mesh do you have the sunlight and day cycle manager attached in there properly? This seems to happen with something in the ocean actor, sometimes if you even hide the ocean actor it gets screwy even in editor. Probably won’t help with your falling through the map issue though :B

Actually no I didn’t. I couldn’t select my directionalLight or the manager in the appropriate dropdown in the ocean BP detail panel. I had an issue with having the ocean BP and the light and manager on different layers. Putting them all on the same layer fixed that problem(I moved the ocean BP to my time of day layer - which is a seperate layer because I had to put all my time of day and lighting stuff into one layer copied over from the island level to get it to work correctly.) I wish I could put it together from scratch but it either just doesn’t work or isn’t well explained.

This has to do with the main post process for your ocean, make sure its setup correctly and is located on your persistent level (main level) as it needs to be loaded the entire time, a workaround for this is to change the view mode from lit to unlit, you wont see shadows etc but the screen wont fade to black