Help! School Project. Only one actor in class responds to player

So I am making this game where you can swap bodies, and I have these zombie bodies laying around that the player can possess if the player has enough energy (well, the player teleports to their position and drops a body behind). Anyway, for some reason I can always only possess the last Zombie body (ZombieSpawner) that was dropped in the editor. For example is there is Z, Z0, Z1, Z2, I can only possess Z2. The code I have here is for the bodies and is called ZombieSpawner. Any help is appreciated. I have to fix this asap.

ZombieSpawner BP

Why are you setting “Can Swap” so much?

Is your energy level check being skipped on purpose? The node isn’t plugged in properly.

You should put breakpoints and see where the flow goes for setting CanSwap. Press f9 on the nodes you want to break at, and then hit play and use the skip/into buttons at the top.

it sounds to me like a input consumption issue. try selecting your input action event, then in the details panel uncheck the consume input checkbox.

Wow, nice project. Good luck)