Help scaling item/particle system

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   I've recently starting tinkering around with the ADK and still just trying to figure things out before I start a project.  I'm looking to hopefully get some help with an issue after failing numerous times trying to figure it out on my own.  I am trying to scale the Industrial Cooking Pot, the mesh scales fine however the purple flame particle system attached to it does not.  I've gotten the particle system to scale in the components section of the IndustrialCookingPot BP but it does not line up correctly with the mesh of the Industrial Cooking Pot itself and ends up sticking out of the sides etc.  I've looked around in the CookingPotEmitter BP and messed around with scaling in there but it still doesn't come out correctly and sticks out of the sides.  I also found the IndustrialCookingFire particle system file but I'm clueless when it comes to editing anything inside of that file.  Something that puzzles me is that I scaled the Industrial Forge using MyRootTransform and I didn't seem to have any scaling issues with the orange flame particle system on it, at least not that I could notice.

Any help with this or a simple walk through will be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone have any ideas here? I still haven’t figured it out. Do I need to export and alter it outside of the ADK?

You have to do the resizing on the particle itself.

Thanks for replying. I’ve had some partial success so far. However there is 1 particle that just isn’t behaving. “fire licks erode 65” seems to stay the same size despite resizing it. EDIT: The individual particles themselves are resizing, however the ring shape they are in is staying the same size so it’s not fitting.
I’m getting errors when trying to post pics here but the below should show an example of the issue.

Change the first “Constant” on the “Cylinder” node

Success! :smiley: Thank you P0k3r, helped me look in the right places and get a little better understanding of what certain things do.