Help! Save File not being created

Hello Guys, I’m pretty new to UE 4, and I’m following some tutorials to learn about multiplayer.

Recently I am following this tutorial “BLUEPRINT MULTIPLAYER”

And I’m stuck at video #9 Because I can’t create a save file, so using a created function called Save Game check, shows me a black screen(Options menu widget not showing), but if I swap the event, using a function called Show Main Menu, it shows me the normal menu, just like the video #7.

This means, the engine can’t check if a save file is created. So, following the same video more than 4 times and searching for answers, I found that some people can’t create save files, but this happens because they are not setting a “player setting save” variable default value with the same name, In my case I have set the default value already.

Now, checking the root folder. I also found that a “SaveGame” folder is not being created, so I’m not even getting the SaveFile, and that’s why I can’t continue.

Can someone help me on this please? Thanks.