Help Save a game!

Yargh! I be Ben Powell

A player of many games over the years, including those which use the Much loved unreal engine

-However- I’m here today to ask for your help,

As many of you know, games occasionally crash and burn with it? their populace is displaced, yet for this many players upon a community and game known as ‘Puzzle Pirates’ have taken up arms in an effort to repopulate a game that truly shouldn’t be at the end of it’s life-span, Below I will post a few short things about the game and let you decide,

Puzzle Pirates being a MMO, it was a game created by three rings back in 2003 in which a player can decide to do anything they wish! In the last year or so the SEGA company dropped the game as a whole due to the rising wish to make money within the ‘Asian mobile gaming’ department, -However- early 2016 Gray Havens a company that was set to keep the games running after Three Rings was disbanded by the SEGA company,

it truly is open ended with the ability to captain your own crew, ( Guild on other games! ) amass a fleet and sail with friends and family, run your own Shoppe, Take over an island become the baddest mother trucking son of a bearded landlubber that has ever been, all revolving around puzzle based ‘Mini-Games’,

The graphics are retro, and the ability to wear and customise your character to all degrees, never having to worry about what your character will be wearing today with a wide variety of Clothes to which is customisation in different colour schemes, Your ship and home may be painted and furnished how ever you want it,

Never heard of it? give it a go, with a loving community ( although dwindled in recent years! ) it be hard to not try it, it’s free to play with the exception subscriptions on one server allowing access to the -full- game and puzzles to which are -all- available on certain days anyway ( they allow several puzzles other then the usual ‘Free to play anyday’ Puzzles! and dubloons on the other servers, dubloons being a pay-to-gain currency in game that allows you to buy badges individually for aformentioned puzzles to be unlocked for a certain period of badge duration

there is truly a limitless playability within the game and with it’s decline in it’s player-base ( averaging at around 500 regular players now throughout the servers ) a few players ( whom in no way represents any company to do with the game! ) have decided to try and bring the registry rates up!

If yer’do dicide to join the crew hit me up upon the cerulean server My name be Herius!