Help salvaging corrupted map after 4.19.2 update

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if there’s a way to salvage a map for my project.

I cornered it down to the new hotfix 4.19.2 update fixing one of the landscape crashes but in turn that caused my old landscape (from 4.19.1) in the map to crash the editor with some bulk data serialization error.

Is there possibly a way to go into the asset without the editor and remove the landscape so I can keep all my meshes/volumes/lighting then recreate the landscape?

If this isn’t possible, what’s the best strategy to get pretty much all my content over to an corrupted map (so I don’t have to build the level from scratch)


You would need to break into the asset code itself, wich Isnt a problem if you have the right project. But it still would be code job.You could write a script wich removes the landscape when only reading the map. But its very very hard to tell really.

Thank you for the reply and I appreciate your willingness to help.

Since we can’t roll back from hotfixes straight in the launcher, I went and visited Epic’s GitHub page and grabbed the 4.19.1 build, compiled it, ran the project from there, exported the height map, deleted the landscape component, saved the map, opened it with 4.19.2 and regenerated the landscape from there. Bam, works again.
Not the easiest or fastest way to get back the work because compile times are a pain, but compared to the days I spent designing the level, heck I’lI take it.

Always zip a copy of the project (without binaries or intermediates) at the end of every workday.
Specially before installing a new engine.