[Help] Rounded Rectangle Progress Bar

So I have been working on a project, I wish to make a progress bar, but as a rounded rectangle (including fill bar). In reference to the video below, that method works for only the background to make a rounded rectangle (also not so smooth edge, probably just me not knowing what I am doing). It does round off not the actual fill bar. Imagine the box below, but the fill bar is also rounded off when <1.


Thank you if any of you geniuses have an answer, as for others, thanks also for any help.

I have the same problem. It would be really helpful if anyone had an answer.

Maybe try doing what he did, and then making the material the background for the progress bar instead of for a border?

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hmmm, that doesnt seem to work. I have no idea how to achieve this effect :frowning:
(Though I agree that the people who know the answers to stuff about materials are geniuses and wizards)

this is works

This works for me. But not exactly as I want it. I also want the right side of the fill image to be rounded. This is the case when I choose Scale for Bar Fill Style, but then at the very start (0,04 progress) the fill bar will go outside of the background bar at the left side…

SOLVED: rounded corners are now build into version 4.5 (maybe even earlier versions, not sure.) → Draw As: Rounded Box. When used on all the elements in a Progress Bar the Fill is also rounded on both sides.