Help Retageting Animations

I need help retargeting some animations from the starter pack to my skeleton, I have these pictures here and need help putting the pones in the Retarget

you mean that your trying to retarget between a miximo skeleton and the ue4 one lol. all you have to do is have half your screen for each skeleton, turn on view bones and bone names, then just find the bones that are in the same places. also see the link below which is a video showing exactly how to do this.

I did that but now my hands are still messed up.


I figured it out.

My hands are still a little messed up:

check out these two docs they show what you need to do to fix things. look for the “setting up retargeting” and the “retargeting adjustments” sections.

I retargeted the advanced bones such as fingers and I fixed it, Thank you.