[HELP] Resetting trigger volume controlled count down timers.

Hello everyone,

I am hoping people can help me finish off my gameplay basic’s, the idea is to have a trigger that, when over lapped, triggers a count down timer and then uses print to show in debug text the count down, when the count down gets to 0 the game ends, but if the user enters another trigger volume the trigger resets, currently the trigger limit is 10 seconds, so after 10 seconds the game ends.

Problem is I can clear the timer, but when I hit the trigger again in my level blue print, it does not reset to 0 again, it simply continues from the last number it reached, now allowing me to chain multiples together to help guide players.

I need help figuring out a way of making this work, so that the timer resets to 10 again when you enter another volume.

Images provided.