Help required....a lot of


First and foremost, I genuinely have no idea where to start and how you physically do any of this VR wizardry.
So, I’ve been tasked with producing a model on sketch-up (something I can do), but also require this to be imported to Unreal engine for rendering. HOW ? Is there somebody wiling to help me out with this or give me plenty of advice and pointers ? I’m not blessed with the computer lingo so go easy on me please :smiley: Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

Sounds like you need to hire someone.

I don’t have any idea… pls hire someone

When you need to repair your car, do you ask people to help you learning how to fix them, or you just hire someone to fix it for you?

Hey Karotka,

to import any model to UE4 you have to get it in .fbx file format. I don’t know if sketchup can do this, if not, try exporting the sketchup model as .dae and import this into any 3D-Modelling software, such as 3DS Max or Blender. Unwrap the model (there are automation tools for that, no woories doing this by yourself), export as .fbx. Import to ue4 - that should be it :slight_smile:

Lol. Might seem impossible at first OP, but like someone told me in the begining… “dive in!”. And soon you will learn.