Help requested - how to compare position + orientation of two different actors

Hey I hope that anybody can help me.
I want to make a case study that shows the advantages of augmented reality and for that I want to create a 3D interactive puzzle with a 3D instruction. At first I have to say that I have no experience with unreal engine and English is not my native language so I hope that I can explain my problem reasonably clear.

I have 12 different components that should be built together. To show the user where the component should be placed, the position is marked by a hologram of the component. At the moment I placed two trigger boxes in the hologram and if the component begins to collide with both trigger boxes the component is static placed on this position. This is not a good solution because it doesn’t take into account the orientation of the component and it is very inaccurate.

Now my question: I want to compare the position and rotation of the hologram and the component that should be placed. The goal is that the user grabs the component and place the component on the same position with the same rotation as the hologram. And if this condition is nearly accomplished the component should be static placed on this position.

I would really appreciate any help I can get! Thank you in advance.