help requested :) exponential speed curve?

Hey there, I am trying to change the walk speed of a character depending on their scale and made an excel sheet for that.

I have been trying to do it in bp in this way:

the function is: y =829,93e^0,1201x

x is the scale of the character and y is the speed I would like to get from that point on the axis.

What am I approaching wrong? Help is greatly appreciated!

I’d suggest making an actual float curve and get values from there. This way it will be more visually comprehensible, and you won’t have to make these calculations all the time.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. Do you have any links to where I can get better understanding on the matter? Id like to try that out but don’t know how.
best wishes

IDK about the links.

  • Just right click in the content browser → Miscellaneous → Curve → Curve Float;
  • Make a curve with respective X and Y values;
  • Now you can reference this curve in any class you want and GetFloatValue from it, where Time will be your X, and Return Value will be the Y you need.
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