Help Request: Using portions of a Texture Atlas and World Aligned Scaling

I asked this a few weeks ago in the Answer Hub here > Using portions of a Texture Atlas and World Aligned Scaling - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

but barely got any replies so better to wait before I ask again (copy pasted from the link above):

"So during the past week or so I’ve been working on making a cityscape just as a visual project in UE4 and I looked into using an atlas texture along with any material nodes that would work out like the World Alignment Texture node. I’m curious if it’s possible to do that though: to be able to have like 4 different objects using 4 different kinds of textures from a single image that you can scale and not stretch in realtime? Like if I scale the object, I would hope to see more windows/bricks being added and the texture on the object isn’t going to get squished or stretched. I would think if I went in on each object assigned the same material and image assigning each object onto the different textures in UV mapping that there’s a node that could go ahead and scale just that portion that the object is mapped to.

I know I can make more than one material with their own texture, but, like I said I’m curious about this cause in the future I’d like to use this technique I’m describing to save up on performance issues. If I were create a bunch of materials and textures to be put in I think would use up more memory and load time which is something I would hope not to do."

And all I have went off of for reference is just these two links:

Anyways would someone like to help me with this please? Like, show me an image to set up the proper material bp. I’ve provided an image to the answerhub to show my material blueprint, which is very faulty. I just figured that this would be neat if I could get what I want to work so others could do the same technique to save up on memory and load time. There may be some mip mapping issues but there’s ways to cover that a bit according to the Texture-atlas-Frac-pixel-artifacts link above.

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There is a better way to approach this issue and that is to look into using Interior Mapping. At a super high level, Interior Mapping is a way to add complex building interiors without destroying your projects performance. You can also get a lot of “randomness” when it comes to things like lights turning on and off or having different looks to each of the windows. There are a ton of examples on the internet about how to go about doing this in your project and UE4 even has a node in the Material Editor called, Interior Cubemap, that you can use to get this working.

I’ve heard of interior mapping, in fact I have an example file of it in use, but I have no desire of using it since I already have a bunch of window textures already and the scene is made for a far away shot, nothing too detailed.

You know how you can scale an object out and stretches out the texture? Well I’m wanting UV Mapped portions of the image to repeat the textures as it’s being scaled in the viewport. Like certain sections, roof tiles, concrete facades, and windows, repeat their sections as the object is being scaled.

Thanks so much, you have made it possible for me to use only the desired parts of the Texture Atlas as tiles in a Material.
Thanks again, it’s been a while, but I hope your issue is resolved as well.