(Help Request) Two triggers for one door - trigger both within a six second limit.

Announcement: I’m using the latest Preview build for this.

I’d like to slide a door when trigger_a and trigger_b are both triggered within a 6 second window. What would be the most efficient way to approach this?

  • All in one blueprint? (Sounds messy…)

  • Three blueprints, one for each trigger and one for the door? (How can I get them to talk to each other?)

  • Should the level blueprint be involved in this process?

So far I’ve been using two unique timelines (in separate blueprints) to create a short timer for each trigger to be ‘active’ (>0.0 && <6.0). The problem is getting trigger_a and trigger_b to declare true in the same blueprint, in order to activate the door.

I was almost successful using the event dispatcher to pull data from two class blueprints into the level blueprint, but for some reason I can never get the second class blueprint event dispatcher to appear in the level blueprint when right-clicking (with/without context sensitive enabled). Note: The class blueprints are not duplicated, nor are any elements within them. They are replicated manually.

Unless I’m straying off track in terms of the method and efficiency, I’m mostly interested in getting class blueprints to talk to each other.


Just have the triggers both referenced in the level blueprint if your okay with doing it that way, you can create two bool variables and just use an ‘and’ node to make sure they are both true. Sorry if this doesn’t make too much sense.

If you decide to use 3 blueprints, here is how you can reference them in level blueprint (in sequence : upon (0) is reference on spawn, under (1) is reference if actors are set in level before runtime, choose the one you will use)

And your blueprints button and door : beware that this is a basic setting, (and i used move component instead of timeline) if you go again in boxes door will rotate once more. It depends of what you want after.

Edit : this door rotate instead of slide :stuck_out_tongue: