[HELP REQUEST] for WIP Sea-Life Mod; Collision/craftable Instanced Foliage Actors

Hey friends and mates :slight_smile:

I read some tutorials and fiddled around with some Static Meshes, using as Instanced Foliage Actors. I like to implement Studio Wildcards awesome coral meshes as craftable instanced foliage actors with collision (like trees or rocks).

But it does not work.

My trials: I copied the whole content from “Environment”/“UnderWater”/ into my mod folder. Then I chose the Foliage Settings file of “CoralReef_02_Settings” and adapted some content from the foliage settings of "SM_MediumRock_01_Moss. To give it a collision and make it craftable.
The changes I made, are the following:

  • Replicate this component: From “No”, to “Yes”.

  • DamageFX Actor to Spawn: from “none” to “RockHarvestEmitter”

  • Attached Component Class: From “none” to “RockHarvestComponent”

  • Destroyed Mesh: SM_MediumRock_01_DM; I also tried to leave it empty.

  • Destroyed Mesh Actor Class: “DestroyedMeshBase_IgnoreSelf”

  • Collision Presets: from “NoCollision” to “BlockAll”

  • Recieve Decals: From “No” to “Yes”

After that, I went to “Foliages” and add the “CoralReef_02” Mesh. Clicked on the foliage and connected the “shared” tab. Next, I went into the “Show Instance Settings” and copied the list above to the settings.

But after painting it on the “IslandLandscape” and walking the player figure there, it has no collision and is not craftable.

The easiest way to make something craftable would be to make a duplicate of an item that shares similar traits to the item you are wanting to add. That way you have a reference of all of the “connected” items you will need to also duplicate.

For example: for this, you want to craft a fairly simple object that can be placed and has no connecting pieces/does not require a specific setup to be placed. So an item that would be similar to this would be a standalone item with no actions, and does not connect to anything else. (a simple flag?) You just need to duplicate that item, and replace the static mesh with your own. From there you need to make sure that all fields are filled out correctly with what you want your item to do.

Then you need to make sure that all supporting references are also created (primalitem_BP, engram for your item, etc)

Hey ,

I’m not sure if I understand. I already duplicated existent meshes (like above) and there foliages. That this “Instanced Foliage Actor” has no collision and is not craftable like a rock or a tree is caused by what? PrimalGameData_BP, I really haven’t duplicated and edited yet. Also I found nothing in that file, what could be needed for this purpose.

Or is it, because of absent “Total Conversion” capability of ARK Dev Kit, what comes tomorrow?

Best regards

You need to duplicate something that is crafted, like a simple flag, and replace the mesh with yours.

Ah, okay :slight_smile:

Thank you

Not a problem, I look forward to seeing how it turns out!

I got it! :smiley: The solution: Some CoralfReef meshes seem to be a kind of “buggy”. I don’t want to say, that they are (have to check them in blender and give them a collision mesh). Most other meshes are working. No it can go on :smiley:

you could use the collision generated directly into the dev kit for your test but if you want something that actually block like how it look then yeah using blender will maybe be the only way but i’m no expert on the different collision generated by the dev kit (for the coral the only one that seem to generated something are sphere and block one the other i don’t know what they do ^^ )

do u no about UCX_ for collision?

Of course, I know what UCX_ is. Sorry, that I did not mention it. But some coralreefs of the ADK have no collision and some have. That is a fact.

Can be closed. Problem solved at post 7.

And please put it into support thread. This is the wrong place for my solved issue.