[Help Request] Cast Mesh Camera to Player and Activate

So what I am attempting to do is this:

I have a ton of weapons, all with different sight locations (ACOG, scopes, rails… etc)
I obviously cant use a standard player camera (on my player BP) and change the FOV because each one requires a new location
How do i “activate camera” from the weapon BP (call it “bp_m16”) and allow it to activate in the “bp_playerchar” ?
Note: the entire weapons system falls into a parent “bp_gunbase”.

What i was trying to do so far (without success) was:

ADS call (from input) > cast to “bp_m16” > activate “scope camera”

Once i get one working, i can get them all working. It will be a matter of simply naming all the sockets the same and pulling that same named camera, the location will fall in place then.

I assume this is possible in a BP.

Thanks !