Help Replacing The UFO in the flying example

I’m using the UFO example that comes with Unreal 4.

I’m trying to replace the UFO with a mesh that I can animate. I drag and drop the mesh in to the pawn blue print window. Scale and move it to position in front of the camera. Set it’s attributes to the same as the UFO including it’s variable name.

I rename the UFO to Plane mesh2 then name my new mesh Plane mesh. Then I drag and drop the new mesh to be parent to SpringArm > Camera.

The new mesh all of a sudden scales down moves to the same spot the UFO was in except it’s turned the wrong way. When I play the game my mesh appears horizontal to the camera. I can’t move the mesh around in the blueprint at this point or scale it. I try moving the camera and spring arm around to the back of my object (third person perspective) but when I play the game the camera is panning instead of going forward.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Billistic,

The easiest way to swap the mesh on the UFO is to open the FlyingPawn blueprint > Select the mesh component > In the Details panel under Static Mesh > Choose the mesh that you imported.

Any component that is set to the root of a blueprint will use it’s native rotation and scale.

If it isn’t facing the correct direction, make sure to export the ship on the correct axis. If you are using 3ds Max, make sure the ship is facing X+.

If the mesh isn’t the correct scale, make sure to export it at the scale you want.



Hey TJ,

For some reason in Maya no matter where I turned the object and exported as an FBX it wouldn’t effect it, I imported in to 3DSMax and turned it and exported it and now it’s facing the right way!


Hi TJ, I’m trying to figure how to set a skeleton mesh instead of a static mesh… If you could help me that would be great!