Help, Rendering problems

Hey guys, I’m trying to create some architectural animation, I have already finished my scene and built light with GPU, but I’m having some issues…

My Setup

Ryzen 9 3900
Ram 128gb 3200MHz
Gpu Nvidia Titan RTX

UE v 4.26.2

My First issue is, when I animate the camera these shadows get in a very low quality, and it gets reflected on the final render, if I get closer to the door it becomes normal.

Second Issue

Some corners got really nice quality, and some others got these stains.

the overall of my scene to increase quality…
Light maps res are 2048.
Everything on the scene is set to static. including lighting.

gpu settings

Can’t go higher than 1024 because after that, the engine would crash after encoding textures.


How can I fix all of this?

You may run out of video memory. Try reducing some lightmap sizes and see if that improves the quality.