Help:Quishy Movement 2D Breakout Clone


i need help for a 2D Breakout Paddle Movement.(left and right)

I have test the CharacterMovementComponent (walking,flying…)and the FloatedPawnMovementComponent but all time my Movement is to quishy.

I m looking for a movement like ,Super DX Ball. (Maybe anyone can test this.)

How can i realize it with the UDK4 ?

pls pls help

I have find a good solution for the Floated Pawn Movement Component.

Edit—>Projekt Settings —> Input—>Axis Config—>MouseX and MouseY—> Set Sensity to 0.01

then in the Paddel ,Floated Pawn Movement Component: Max Speed: 5000 , Accleration and Decleration Set to 100000 ,and Turning Boost i have Set to 16 .

Now my movement is good linear , with fast reaction from the Paddel.


That’s great that you have found the solution and posted it. I am confused on one thing, though. What is “quishy” movement?

Sorry for my english, not my main Language.

In german it is schwammig = squishy, vague ,woolly ,spongy. Dont know whats the right word for this Problem .

Ahh! I understand the meaning now. Thank you. I had a feeling it was “squishy”, but was not quite sure. It is rarely used when relating to computers. :slight_smile: