HELP! Quicktime/slo mo Event?!

So im attempting to create a basic slo-mo/quicktime event where the play runs into an enemies collison sphere triggering a quicktime event where one of 3 gamepad inputs are displayed on the screen as billboards in front of the player camera. So far ive only been able to get the billboards to display when the player is inside the collision sphere and go away when exiting it. Im attempting to make it so that when the player is inside the sphere the slo-mo is turned on and turns off when the player leaves the sphere or the enemy actor is destroyed. Additionally I need it so that when the player enters the collision sphere only one of the three billboards will be displayed (X,Y, or B), if the player successfully presses the correct button while inside the sphere the enemy actor will take damage(or just be destroyed), if the player fails to hit any button while inside the sphere or presses the wrong button then they will be the one to take damage.

I have next to zero experience inside unreal 4 and the blueprint system but I need some kind of functionality for a prototype im working on for school, I know im asking for a lot but I cant find any video tutorials that deal with quicktime events in UE4, I appreciate any help in advance.


Slomo is as simple as setting Global Time Dilation to some <1 value.

Getting the billboards to display as singles would involve using a Rand Int in Range at the moment of overlap to pick one and display it.

Slo mo is working fine but i cant get any functionality out of the quicktime portion. I have it set up so that when the player enters the enemy collision sphere a random billboard will be made visible.
But when i tried using a gate to allow a certain key to destroy the actor it just doesnt work, what am I missing?

well it doesnt look like youre specifying what actor to destroy unless you are trying to destroy the blue print that contains these nodes.
I think you need to set the target for each to what you want it to destroy. Also to debug you could put a log/print string after the gate to see if it fires off when you push the appropriate key.