Help/Questions About Cable Component

Hey everyone,

I’ve been messing around with ideas for a third person shooter game. Very, very early stages right now. I don’t even know where to begin with animation so I’m skipping that for now so, at the moment, I am messing around with the cable component. I got a pretty decent grapple hook set up. Parts of it I got from tutorial videos and other parts I put together myself and it works decently but when I get to the end (like hitting the wall or whatever), I was wondering if there would be an easy way to keep the character there. Like, just hanging from the cable. Right now, the character hits the wall and kind of bounces off or flies right past the grapple point. I can, of course pose the blueprint if needed. I was just looking for a place to start.

My other question is kind of the reverse of the grapple hook. I want to pull something to me. Is this better done with something other than the cable component? I thought I could kind of reverse the steps of the grapple hook and just apply everything to the object I’m trying to pull but I can’t seem to get anything to work.

Any help or advice would be welcome and as always, thanks in advanced!