Help! Q3d video recorder Kinect V2 - How to use .q3d & .r3d files in UE4

I have made 3d video recordings with Q3d video recorder with the Kinect V2, see link for software;

Now i am looking at how to use the outcome files; .Q3d or .R3d in UE4. I understood you can use these files in unity. This is powerfull stuff for creating movie experiences in VR so hopefully someone can assist me in getting these files into UE4.

You can’t, the only Kinect integration with UE4 does motion capture for characters, nothing with the depth video.

Is there a way to build integration for it? Or to change it’s file format? I did read about an Voxel plugin for UE4;

As an artist myself i can’t create or write software, how do i find someone who can write a plugin for this? If needed mayby i want to invest in this.

Yeah, definitely you could integrate it in–the full engine source is available. You would need to find a C++ programmer to do it

Hi darthviper107, i am in contact with different people around the globe who have build these kind of software for 3d video recording. The creator however of the software **Q3d video recorder ** ; see demonstration in the YouTube video below,

He stated in an forum post that UE4 integration should be not that difficult, but he did not want to build it yet because the program is still developing. But if you have any ideas who could build an plugin for these .Q3d or .R3d files, share your ideas.