Help: Procedural Mesh Structures with C++ & Coded Animations.

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone could discuss on this thread how I could go about achieving the procedural creation of DNA like structures, emanating from a ground plane through mesh duplication at a slight rotation as seen here: <— at around 12:30. I am aware this was not created on a familiar game engine and most likely coded in java or a low level language of that sort. I want to know more about how I can do this using either simple object variables in engine or using a prefabbed static mesh i created in maya or blender. Animations cannot achieve the user to have an ability to give objects a time of death, as far as I know. In short I want to define/ build a triangle in code, then create some type of duplication and rotation process of that variable into a procedural structure that, after every 10 object variables are created their life time dissolves at a following rate. Please no minecraft references. Thanks! Hopefully this makes sense and I don’t sound slow
! Any help will be greatly appreciated.