[Help] Problem with new Cloth Paint Tool

Hi, I’m trying to use the new functions Cloth Paint Tool but I am having some problems.

First of all I created the part that must have the physics:

Secondly I selected the part and created the Asset:

Third I selected the original part:

Fourth I selected the painting tool and here the problems started:

The interested part falls on the floor and at that point you can paint, I would use the gradient function but I do not know the key to use the maximum value (green is 0 red is max value, with key shift clean the section)

I use a base value just to try:

Once I left the paint tool section I find another problem, the Physics works only with the wind creating different artifacts.

Another problem in the detail of mesh clothing asset the simulate verts is Zero.

I would like to know if I was wrong to create the polygonal part or to import some wrong information, to create my character I used Blender.

Thank you so much and I apologize for my English :slight_smile: