Help Printing Text From trigger box

So I want to have a trigger box when stepped in displays text on the viewport (not in the corner, like the center of the screen, where I can change my text and font sizes).

This is my trigger box blueprint, so I added an event to fire when collided with, and that to a set node which will let the custom event fire. Now here is where I think I have an issue, I need the object pin of the cast to MyHUD node(I named the HUD to MyHUD). I don’t know what it needs, or how to approach this. I have tried several methods and ways and I seem to get stuck at this step with the warning

After that node is connected to my custom event which is the second picture which adds something to the viewport (Or I think it does that).My final goal is to have the text appear in the center of the viewport when the trigger box is being overlapped with.

I’m pretty new to blueprints so I may have made a really stupid mistake but thanks in advance.

Open MyHUD actor and in the very upper right corner it will tell you which class your actor is directly inheriting from. In your case it should read “Parent Class: HUD”. Does it?