Help: Primitive Component Events

I am experiencing trouble with a physics component variable I call, “Beamed_Object”. The variable is the result of a single line trace hitting a component. It works fine when I call it’s velocity, location, you name it-- However, none of the events that I can set for will ever fire. Example:

No matter what I do in game, the events don’t fire and the string does not print.

Anyone know what could be going on?

Hmm I am not sure if the overlap event will work on that. What if you tried making a capsulecomponent, and moving it’s location to that of the Beamed_Object, and use the overlap of the capsule? you could disable it whenever it’s not actually assigned to an object.

I just tried a few variations of that, they were “buggy” to a degree. Are there any events that I can use for the Beamed_Object?

What if the beamed object was a blueprint?