[Help] Porting my Arma 3 map to EU4

Hey all,

I’ve searched the forums and YT but still have some unanswered questions, how does terrain creation in Arma 3 vary to UE4 ?

My height/dem is in .asc format, currently 2048 @ 10 meter cells = 20,480x20,480 is this ok or does it need a tweak ? I can change that though as i have L3DT pro
My satellite image is the size of my terrain as 1 image, it’s 20,480 x 20,480, will UE4 allow the satellite image inported in 1 or does it need split into tiles and are there any formats (.png or .bmp etc) that work best ?
My surface images are 2048x2048 each with a normal, does anything need done or can i just paint them on ?

As my terrain is quite large are there any performance tips i should be aware of ?

Does anyone has some must have guides, tips and links to share ?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s okay. You just need to convert it into a format that UE 4 accepts. I wouldn’t use the satellite image in UE 4, instead just make good looking normal layers since the tools in UE 4 are much much better for that than in Arma tools.

Thanks for the reply Jonimake, the problem I’m facing is when i import the height data it says the resolution isn’t valid @ 20,480x20,480, my file format is .raw
Also if I ditch the satelite image, what do I use for my terrains landscape ? it’s a hybrid made up of real mountains and various other real places, It looks great, picture perfect like it was Google earth