Help plz

I will start to make a survival game! I already learn alot tutorials, but can find one for create things. like (2wood+1rock=axe), can someone indicate me one ?

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Sorry I just need some clarification.

Do you want a tutorial on how to create a crafting system?

~ Jason

I do think he wants to create a crafting system.

I would approach this way:
Create base classes for your items.
Then create don’t know maybe a List of items required to build such item.
After that you can use UMG to create UI for the crafting panel and check if the player inventory has those required items. If yes, destroy them, and create a newly crafted item.

Think that I skip alot of parts. So I download the ue4 yesterday. I already have all animation and model that for build my game. Is one survival game.
I import my character and set animation for walk, run and jump.
I put a axe on his hand. Making a socket on my character bone. and add the item. Now on BP of my character, I put child actor, or statich mesh ?
If some of you guys have a tutorial, for melee weapon i will apriciate, because i want to put animation too.
Sorry for my bad english, not my first Idiom.

I want configure a animation attack. And will have more weapons like: bow, spear, etc…
If you guys knows, any video or tutorial.

This Channel is pretty straight forward, and you can learn a lot when following through …

Help alot