Help plz


thank you for reading this and sorry for my English. I’m having some issues programming this state machine. The thing is that I’m trying to make a square moving an actor around the map. In each state, I set a countbox in order to, when it reaches 100, it turns. But, at the end, it is not able to come back to the same status when it began. In other words, change to “arriba” or “up”, in English. I attach you my BP and if u are able to help me out, I will be so grateful, guys.



At the very end, can you put a print string to see what is called in Ajustar?

Just to confirm it is setting correctly.


You set your first “ajustar” (which is “set”) before your first bool, so it goes +1 on each tick.
You don’t need 4 “contador” but 2 only, “arriba” and “izquierd” you do +1, “abajo” and “deracha” you do -1 to the right variable and add a limit to < 0, not 100.
As you grid starts at 0 checking >100 makes a 101 x 101 grid so you would do >99 or >= 100.


Give me a sec, I made my copy, without the placement and stuff. Just to run a loop.


Solved! Thank you very much, guys. I have started to scripting 1 month ago and, sometimes, this is so much for me.

Thanks again! :smiley: