Help please

Hi, I imported blender open street map (manhattan) in FBX on unreal engine. Then, I add a playerstart to play in my map and the character falls off the map, I removed the default floor, I also tried to put it and nothing works, the character always falls, please help / Also, when I imported my blender map via unreal in FBX, I have no texture as blender, please help / Would it have a blender format for unreal with texture included when importing via unreal please

This is the wrong section of the forum. But you should check your collision in the “Player Collision” view. You have no texture because Blender uses an entirely different shader system. You have to import the textures, and set up the materials in UE4.

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Hi all,

Im new and i have a question XD

How can i reseet the interface in Unreal Engin 5 to normal?


I have no idea why you posted this as a reply. Regardless, you should be able to reset it with “Window/Load Layout/Default Editor Layout”.

Sorry und danke!