Help please.

Hello, I’ve been trying to just load a heightmap into unrealengine 4.19.1

step by step what I’m doing:

new project / empty

load landscape from a raw file I created

its properly scaled and has all proportions matched to unreal specs

it sows on screen.

create light importance volume / scale it to contain the landscape

press build

ERROR: WorldSettings_1 / Localization service is disabled / Source control is disabled

swarm agent works

create new project solution not working

restart windows service not working

I’m not a developer and it keeps asking for source control and last year I was using it a bit (learning) and never been asked for such thing. what changed?

Is my instalation corrupted or something? No, cause I made a fresh new one and it keeps happening.

I also tryed to unlink the github account…it keeps happening.

Please help something this easy is getting hard…

Made format and clean windows intallation. Now works, no solution found…