Help please urgent urgent urgent


I just clicked File - New project and its overwritten my old project which ive spent the last 4 weeks on… i have no backup of this!!!

Can anyone help?!?!!?


Check on your harddrive. If the assets are still in the content folder, then reimport them into the “new” project.
But Im afraid you can label the last 4 weeks as “learning expirience” and a prcatical example on the necessity of a backup… :frowning:

Unreal 4 makes back up automatically. Check your backup folder which is in your Unreal Project folder/name of your project/Saved/Backup

ive managed to recover it back but lost about half hour of work…

im more than happy about that… ill try and check the other backups though!


i hate UE4 so much

Now whenever i click Play… the whole engine freezes… any ideas?

What are your hardware specs?

2 x 1tb HDD
128 SSD
GTX 970

Ive never had this problem before? had the engine for months…

-which engine version do you use?
-it just freezes or is it crashing?
-which “play” do you click? :slight_smile: