[Help Please!] Source Control Connection Failed

First I want to apologize if this is in the wrong thread. I have been waiting on moderation approval for 18hrs on the AnswerHub so I figured I’d try here.

A friend and I are trying to set up a Source Control using CloudForge. I have successfully connected mine but we are having trouble getting his to connect in UE4. Prior to using [Tutorial] Enabling Subversion Source Control - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums tutorial which was very successful for me in the setup process. We were using TortoiseSVN and trying to connect with the host riouxsvn (with no success). Every time he goes to connect using the repository from CloudForge he is unable to connect. When we look at the Error Log it shows that initially it tries to connect to the online repository but immediately after attempts to connect to a local SVN located at File:///E:/SVN/repo/filename/ and fails. What could be the issue, why is it not connecting to the URL and instead trying to connect to a SVN in a file that isn’t even visible on his E: drive?

Thank you for any replies and I apologize for the long post but this has been a very frustrating problem for us.