[HELP PLEASE] Smooth landscape painting?

Hello all,

I’m having an issue using Lansdcape Paint Tool: basically it looks like the texture only gets painted in a small square… I don’t actually know how to explain this, so I uploaded an image:

I Can’t paint smooth lines, it seems like the paint tool can only paint on a “grid”. Here’s another image:

I can’t even paint a circle or something that looks similar to a circle…
I searched the net for hours trying to find out if someone has a solution or an explanation for this:
Landscape blend layer resolution - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums (nothing worked)
Landscape paint resolution - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums (answer is not pertinent with the problem)
Landscape painting resolution - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums (no reply)

Anyone can please explain me what I am doing wrong? There is no way to obtain a smoother painting? If not possible, could you please tell me how to texture a terrain with a higher precision?
Maybe it’s a noob question but I really can’t figure out what to do…
Hope someone can find time to reply, thanks in advance.

Maybe you should turn the Brush falloff higher.
You can also smooth out the edges with the Smooth tool.

If you want more precision, you have to scale your landscape down and increase the resolution of it.

Hello, thanks for your reply,
actually I tried everything without results, the smooth tool seems to have no effects, increasing the brush fallof hasn’t helped too. I also tried to increase landscape resolution without any luck…
I don’t know how to properly paint my terrain :frowning:
Static meshes are the only way?

Hope someone can help me to find a solution, have a nice day!

I know this is an old post but I have been trying to find the solution for this for about a YEAR now!! I have been working on other aspects of my project in blender and on character movement as i wait for one of my posts to be awnsered but NO ONE IS AWNSERING. and all the people I find having the same problem NEVER HAS THE ISSUE RESOLVED…

Things I am certain has nothing to do with the issue:

  1. Brush Falloff
  2. Landscape Resolution

I am experimenting with blend types but everything i do yields the same results… This issue is not consistent however. Some Projects does not have this issue even if the do everything the exact same way as in a project that has the issue.

There are MANY people having this issue… Can someone please just at least look into it??

I have read hours of documentation and watched days worth of tutorials following them by the letter, Multiple UE4 versions and this issue keeps randomly affecting my projects.


Did you get any reply to this? or a solution?