[HELP Please] Halt when update Unreal Engine Launcher

I downloaded sources and dependencies and I have already built it.
When I open the Market, it need to install and update the ‘Unreal Engine Launcher’.

The update progress will pause at 81%, wait for several minutes:

And show a error message:

I tried some VPN, but still this problem.
How could I resolve this question?
I am in BeiJing, China.

I know this maybe a dumb question but have you check your internet connection if so I would recommend trying to reinstall after restarting you computer. If this dose not work please let me know ill try and help you figture it out.

Hi Brian, thank you for your reply.
I tried your suggestions, but it still not work.

Here I found the same problem in AnswerHub:

I’m trying the ‘QFE’ solution at the end of that page.

Okay…It works.

I tried QFE of this Page: Launcher Update Stuck on Downloading - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums
Now everything is Ok. :slight_smile:
Thanks, Unreal Team.