Help please ! door bp

I’m using a level sequence and blueprints and static meshs to achieve this. Need help! When character walks up to door suppose to say press interact button to open door then I want it to play the animation of my character opening the door and closing behind him. I’m stuck.
I’m trying to open the door like Dracula does @14:12 YouTube? Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Walkthrough PART 2 (PC) [1080p] No Commentary TRUE-HD QUALITY - YouTube


You’ve sent a 30min long video, not gonna look all through to find the moment where he’s supposed to open the doors

And the description doesn’t say too much, cool with the screenshots but I still don’t understand what’s the issue?

The easiest way is to run an event inside door bp that will move it up or do whatever it is supposed to right before you run the Sequence and you have a workaround for it

Never used sequencer so cannot help there and please edit the post giving nicer description and you messed up the links a bit at the end of it ;]