Help! - "please contact the Blueprints team!"

Error Internal compiler error inside CreateExecutionSchedule (site 2); there is an issue with node/pin manipulation that was performed in this graph, please contact the Blueprints team!

What’s this mean?

No idea, but maybe it’d help if you attached the Blueprint/graph throwing the error.

I have encountered this error as well using UE4 10.4
while attempting to get a player controller camera view from a actor in the world, and the error occurs when I connect the execution pin to the function “Get Camera View” (target is Camera Component)

in the graph the "thenearest’ varible is my character class. after a basic range comparison, it may be important to note that this graph(and range finder) is triggered per tick

Secondary error is "The property associated with ‘Delta Seconds’ could not be found
Third 'ICE SetVaribleOnPersistentFrame - No property found ‘Delta Seconds’