Help please cant decide on what engine to use unity or ue4 for my mmoarpg

Hello all im new here i know basic c# i can make char movements,attack,heath/mana,stats,and skills and players along with a ui in unity only been using it for a week now still learning to code more i know i should start more basic but i learn quick and hate wasting time making basic stuff ;). Im just trying to decide on what engine i should use to make my 3rd person/first person mmoactionrpg game. i am self taught when it comes to coding c# i wanna make a game similar to an old game from 07 called Hellgate London was one of my favorite games. i wanna make my very own mmorpg style game based of that if anyone can give me advice thank you so much. I also suck at making anything like models textures and animations so i would be spending money on that kinda stuff along with spending money on terrains.

Since you are starting off, either engine is going to be a challenge for you to use. Both engines have been used for MMOs

However, since you are starting off I highly recommend working on a much much smaller project to start off and develop your skills. MMOs are one of the most difficult types of games to make and it shows up a lot here on the forums but it’s just too much work for people to do without a lot of experience and funding.

Hello thank you for the reply i understand that but i refuse to start small i rather start with a mmo other wise im not gonna enjoy it. I learn very fast and enjoy a challange hence why im doing an mmo I havent done to much with ue4 atm. Unity i have been using for a week now and have gotten a decent amount of the coding done and figured out how to make the base stuff for an mmo work like the char movement the camera ,the skills without partical effects, i can code a enemy and player combat system and have that working may not be the correct way but it works along with the the heath mana decreasing and restoring it ive also done user interface and got that working as well. Im just really stuck on what one is gonna be better in the long run since i will be buying all my assets aka certain chars,enemys,terrain,partical effects. Thank you

It’s up to you what you want to do, just know that the odds are against you and you’d have more success if you do a project that is closer to your ability.

That’s quite understandable as starting small can also be pretty boring etc.
It also probably means reinventing the wheel on a game that has no future.

Fine but MMO? That’s a big ask even for talented solo Indies using whatever engine.
It also seems pointless because there’s lots of networking & server issues also etc.
Instead shoot for a PROTOTYPE. If your game has legs other devs will want to join!

Yeah that is true franktech. My only problem is i have no clue what engine i wanna use.

Most of us start the same way dude. So what next? Often devs download 2/3 engines…
Then try to build some crude game mechanics along with 1/2 characters inside a level.
Then just see what feels right. Usually you end up taming an engine and stick with it
A quick look at gameplay for Hellgate London, shows either engine should work nicely.
So it just comes down to personal reference, but the game will need lots of modeling!

Awesome thank you so much i will def do what you sugested and test both engines and see what one i enjoy more. and yeah i know it will need a lot of modeling thats why i have been saving up a lot of money lately to just pay people or buy them off the asset store :).

I find that Asset store is one thing that can made the different between engine.

there are RPG starting kits in asset store, but I dont know if there are MMO starting kit in asset store?

since there are starting kit in asset store you can skip all of hard part and replace all art model and animation, I can do it for our first games. but I am sure it wont look that good.

Present day, I find Unity is winner in MMO, because there are so many out of dated MMO Assets in unity asset store.
Unreal asset store is new…

Hey Dan3DIM can you message me on here would love to be able to talk to you more about the comment you left here very interesting and would like to hear more. thank you